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  • 2023

    In 2023, the company’s new product JiTanSu (Fosaprepitant dimeglumine for injection)

  • 2022

    In 2022, the company’s new product JiFuWei (Fulvestrant injection) was approved for marketing.

  • 2014

    In 2014, the company started a new Three-year Plan and entered into an accelerated developement period.

  • In October, 2013
    In October, 2013

    In October, 2013, the company established a development strategy of “Marketing First, Total Marketing” and the marketing work entered into a new reformed period.

  • In July, 2013

    In July, 2013, Mr. Fu Hang was appointed as general manager of Jiuyuan Gene, and Jiuyuan developed into a new stage.

  • 2011

    In 2011, the company established an Academician Expert Working Center, and Prof. Yang Shengli, the Chairman of Biotechnologist Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, acted as the Science Consultant.

  • 2010

    In 2010, the new product recombinant human bone repairing material BMP-2 (GUYOUDAO) was officially manufactured and launched on market.

  • 2008

    The company was awarded as one of the first “National High-Tech Enterprises” in 2008. On December 19, the 5th product JIOUTING (Palonosetron Hydrochloride API and injection) officially got approval for manufacture.

  • In July, 2006
    In July, 2006

    In July, 2006, the company initiated the production and sales of the 4th product YINUOJIA (Enoxaparin Sodium Injection),indicating the first officially approved enoxaparin was born in China.

  • On September 18, 2003
    On September 18, 2003

    On September 18, 2003, the company achieved a New Drug Certificate and Manufacture Approval of JIJUFEN, a platelet promoting drug (Recombinant Human Interleukin 11).

  • In January, 2002
    In January, 2002

    In January, 2002, the company established a Post-doctoral Working Station, the first post-doctoral working station for biopharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang Province.

  • In June, 1998
    In June, 1998

    In June, 1998, the drug low molecular weight heparin sodium injection (JIPAILIN) was approved for production and marketing by Ministry of Health in China.

  • On October 14, 1996
    On October 14, 1996

    On October 14, 1996, the company obtained the Trial-production Approval Number and New Drug Certificate of JILIFEN, the first rhG-CSF injection in China, making China become the third country able to manufacture the drug in large volumes following the U.S and Japan.

  • On December 31, 1993

    Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Hangzhou New High-tech Development Zone.