Taking gene engineering as orientation, Rendering service to human health

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Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. is a modern biopharmaceutical company, specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of gene engineering, biochemical, chemical drugs and medical device. and became one of the earliest gene engineering pharmaceutical enterprises in Zhejiang province as well as in China.

The company always upholds the concept “Taking gene engineering as orientation, Rendering service to human health”, to pursue innovation and to strive for excellence. In October 1996, the company took the lead in successful development and industrialization of a leukocyte promotion medicine named JILIFEN (Filgrastim, rhG-CSF), entered the market monopolized by U.S and Japanese manufacturers and won a praise of “First Injection in China”. Over the twenty years, the company has actively propelled the progress of biopharmaceutical industrialization, gradually developed a series of products including JILIFEN, JIPAILIN, JIJUFEN, YINUOJIA, JIOUTING and GUYOUDAO, continually improved the R&D level of biopharmaceuticals, possessed several scientific research platforms such as academician expert working center and post-doctoral working station, devoted all the efforts to developing new generation medicines with clear mechanism of action, such as long-lasting recombinant protein, monoclonal antibody, multicomponent biochemical drug and polypeptide. The company focuses on developing the products applied in oncology, hematology, cardiovascular system, hepatitis and diabetes diseases, based on the strategy as combination of independent R&D and cooperative research, and combination of various types of drugs.

The company successively acquired various honors like National New High-tech Enterprise, Key New High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan, Second Class Prize of Provincial Scientific-technical Progress, Provincial Famous Trademark and so on, and became Provincial New High-tech R&D center and Gene-engineering New Drug Research Technology and Service Sub-platform.

The company exerts open and aggressive spirit, accumulates numerous resources, absorbs worldwide quintessence, and makes continuous contribution to human health.