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In November 2001, our company established postdoctoral workstation authorized by Ministry of Personnel as the first round of enterprises to own postdoctoral workstation in bio-pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang province. The direction of workstation is to focus on research and development of gene engineering drugs. Our company established long term cooperation relationship with Beijing Univ., Qinghua Univ., Zhejiang Univ. and Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. etc.. At present, five post-doctors have entered into the workstation, of which two have finished their postdoctoral works.

The achievements of workstation: undertakes 5 scientific research projects, obtained 1 provincial science and technology achievement awards, 4 patent inventions and published 12 papers in core journals, two postdoctors received “Priority and slective” funds from Zhejiang Province, and one of them awards excellent post-doctor in Hangzhou City. Main direction of development:

Further cooperate with postdoctoral research stations to promote the joint recruitment and to bring up the post-doctors together, and pay close attention to and enroll the doctors, post-doctors and prominent persons at home and abroad with patent projects and scientific achievements, so as to boost the research and development of biological medicines, to extend the scientific platform of the company and to support the post-doctors with more development orientations and participation channels. for post-doctoral researchers.


Main directions and technical platforms of post-doctors training:

1. Transformation of Expression system of recombinant E. coli and Pichia pastoris;

2. Purification technology of large-scale recombinant proteins

3. Technology of a new generation protein modification and reconstruction

4. Expression platform of mammalian cells.