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Jiuyuan gene is one of the earliest pharmaceutical enterprise engages in R&D, manufacture, and sales of gene engineering drugs. At present, there are more than 50 employees in R&D, two-thirds of the personnel’s degree is master or above. R&D center is the first one to realize biotechnology export, the first one to complete industrialization of G-CSF and the first one to realize industrialization of pichia yeast system products, and obtains technology awards of scientific-technical progress from Zhejiang province and Hangzhou city many times.


R&D center was awarded provincial high and new technology research center in 2007, provincial enterprise technology center in 2015, and Jiuyuan gene was awarded top-ten high and new technology enterprise in 2008 and 2012. At present, R&D center is equipped with patent information Dept., Medicine Dept, Registration Dept. and research Laboratory of four subordinate departments, and has its own laboratories of molecular biology, fermentation engineering, protein engineering, preparation, quality research, chemosynthesis, cell engineering and two pilot workshops, so it has integrated technology system to research on new gene engineering drugs from upstream to industrialization.


R&D center has extensive experience in research and development of platform of E. coil expression, pichia yeast expression and mammalian cell expression. Bases on the platform of the three gene engineering expressions, R&D center has developed Serum albumin fusion platform technology, Polyethylene glycol modified protein platform technology and Protein modification fatty acid chain platform.


Jiuyuan gene has marketed several products by gene engineering technology. JILIFEN (Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) which was manufactured by E. coil expression ,was the first one launched on domestic market, JIJUFEN(rhIL-11) was the first one realized product industrialization of pichia yeast expression platform, GUYOUDAO(BMP-2) was the first medical device manufactured by gene engineering technology.


Besides, several products are still in clinical research and clinical application, useing a new generation long-lasting protein technology in Jiuyuan gene. The first type of new drug long-lasting interferon with independent intellectual property rights is the fastest item on platform of albumin fusion in domestic market, which has been completed phase II clinical study.


In recent years, Jiuyuan has undertaken more than 40 research projects from state and province, including “the 12th Five-Year Plan” state technology major projects “Research and Development of industrialization of the antithrombotic drug enoxaparin sodium”, and four items of state major new medicine development in our development zone.