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Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., LTD. takes researching and developing gene engineering drugs as core, and devoted itself to research and develop the definite mechanism of action of a new generation recombinant protein drugs, Monoclonal antibody drugs, Multicomponent biochemical drugs and Polypeptide drugs. Jiuyuan gene bases on the strategy of paying equal attention on independent R&D and cooperative development and combining with different products to put emphasis on product development area of oncology, hematology, cardiovascular, hepatitis and diabetes. At present, several gene engineering drugs have been launched on the market.

The core technology of R&D is based on high-efficiency expression of gene engineering and large-scale protein purification technology, R&D transforms the recombinant protein by fusion protein, polyethylence glycol modification, side chains of fatty acid modification, glycosylation transformation to research biotechnological drugs with a higher and longer efficacy and lower toxic and side effects.