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Our company has made priority on external cooperation and exchange, cooperated with some research institutions both at home and abroad in project assignment, cooperation and licence in. Jiuyuan gene has been cooperating with AMMS, Institute of Microbiology and epidemiology, Shanghai institute of pharmaceutical industry, Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry, Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiuyuan welcomes any R&D companies or personnel to cooperate with technical cooperation, technology license and projects assignment.

一、The existing size profile

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering’s pilot manufacturing, R&D and manufacture service platform is one of sub-platform of public technology service platform of gene engineering new drugs development in Hangzhou Econ. & Tech. development zone, which was founded in 2014. The platform has many pilot manufacturing areas, such as pilot fermentation area of E. coli and yeast, CHO cell pilot manufacturing workshop, purification area of protein drugs and injection area. The company establishes three pilot scale manufacturing lines of gene engineering drugs including prokaryote, yeast and mammalian expression systems, and relevant protein and chemical drugs production line and cartridge production line. The platform can be carried out pilot incubation service for protein fermentation and purification, lyophilized powder and sterile injection manufactruing, which is the first professional CMO service platform of pilot manufacturing for gene engineering drugs in Hangzhou Econ. & Tech. development zone.

二、Present service ability

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering pilot manufacturing, R&D and manufacture service platform put emphasis on the service of pilot scale production, put extra emphasis on upstream technological service and training service. The Pilot service ability is as following:

Fermentation processing and collection: can provide pilot R&D service in KG scale of gene recombinant protein bulk each year.

Mammalian cell culture: can provide pilot R&D service in KG scale of gene recombinant protein bulk each year..

Downstream purification: Batch production capacity of biological protein drugs is from mg class to 100g class.

Preparation processing: Can accept CMO service of small-volume injection, batch production capacity of small-volume injection can be reached at 10000~20000 units, batch production capacity of freeze-drying products can be reached at 2000 vials/10ml~5000 vials/2ml

Production line of catridge: Batch production capacity can be reached at 30,000 bottles (Specification: 3ml).